Hosted by: Jeremy Whaley

Think Rich Radio Podcast

How do every day people like us, who didn't grow up wealthy and were not taught how to be wealthy in school... how are we supposed to learn to think, invest and grow wealth like the top 1% without compromising our ethics and our values? This podcast will give you the answers.


Think Rich Radio Podcast with Jeremy Whaley


Hi, I'm Jeremy Whaley

Not long after I graduated from college I was perusing through various books at my local Barnes & Nobel and I stumbled upon a book that would change my life forever. The name of that book... Think & Grow Rich. Up until that moment I failed to understand that I held within myself the ability to change my destiny. 

From that day forward I began a journey that has lasted over 2 decades, a journey that I suppose we would simply call "my life."  Along that journey I have learned an incredible amount about personal development, the financial markets, and online business just to name a few. This podcast is a chance for me to share many of those lessons I have learned. 

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